Paradise, Texas

Concord Stagecoach

Our Coach speaks for itself. All custom and built to last for years of service. The body is made of fiberglass poured over wood inter frame. All one piece, no seams. The running gear is made of #1 Ash. With the fiberglass body there are no joints to crack and it it more durable than the wooden body coaches.

Copied from the Abbot-Downing Co., nine passenger Concord Stagecoach, we have many years of research and great attention to detail that goes into each of our coaches. Pinstriping and murals on the doors put the final touch on your museum quality Stagecoach.

Click here to see the Dallas Cowboy Stagecoach video pulled by a 6 horse team.

Standard Features

  • Fiberglass Body
  • Personal Name above Door Signs
  • Metal hubs with Roller Bearing
  • Pinstriped Body and Running Gear
  • Steel Rim Wheels
  • 3" Leather Thorough braces Straps
  • Pole
  • Leather Seats and Upholstery
  • Diamond Tufted Headliner
  • Manual Brakes
  • Antique Brass Plated Hardware
  • Folding Steps
  • Rear Foot Rest
  • Roll up Leather Curtains
  • All Leather Front and Rear Boot
  • Roof Seats with Leather Upholsterer

Additional Options

  • Wood Hub Wheels
  • Gold Leaf Pinstriping
  • Coach Lamps
  • Hydraulic Brake System
  • Six Up Hitch
  • Extra Pinstriping
  • Murals on Doors
  • Center Folding Seat with Backrest